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Your Guide to Literary Tumblrs

From The Millions

1.      Single-Servings

2.     Reviewers

3.     Booksellers/Libraries/Foundations

4.     Marginalia

5.     Publishers (Big Six)Bear in mind: most of these lean pretty heavily
towards being just marketing tools.

6.     Publishers (Littler Guys)

7.     Magazines

8.    Wish List

  • The Paris Review: They’re on Tumblr, but they never post Tumblr-specific content. Dive all the way in, Parisians. You can do better.
  • More authors!: With so many on Twitter, it’s only a matter of time.
  • Books & Books: South Florida’s best indie deserves more attention.
  • The Oxford American: The South is underrepresented on the platform.
  • Poetry Magazine: Poems just beg for reblogs.
  • Book Soup: The L.A. shop would be a nice complement to NYC’s dominance.
  • Vroman’s: They’re there, but they haven’t updated since 2010.
  • The Strand: The New York City icon is sorely missed on Tumblr.
  • Picador: Perhaps the Flatiron folks are on their way soon.

This list, of course, is by nature incomplete. I am sure I’ve missed a ton of standouts. Please feel free to let me know which ones I’ve overlooked in the comments!

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