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23 Bookish Collective Nouns
Anthology of Poems
Babble of Linguists
Babel of Words
Catalogue of Librarians
Collective of Nouns
Conjunction of Grammarians
Erudition of Editors
Library of Books
Obscurity of Poets
Pan of Reviewers
Pitfall of Fine Print
Plot of Playwrights 
Pomposity of Professors
Pretension of Intellects
Quiz of Teachers
Scoop of Journalists
Shush of Librarians
Squint of Proof-readers
Swarm of Literary Drones
Tenet of Palindromes
Wealth of Documents
Worship of Writers
Wrangle of Philosophers
by Amanda Patterson from Writers Write

23 Bookish Collective Nouns

  1. Anthology of Poems
  2. Babble of Linguists
  3. Babel of Words
  4. Catalogue of Librarians
  5. Collective of Nouns
  6. Conjunction of Grammarians
  7. Erudition of Editors
  8. Library of Books
  9. Obscurity of Poets
  10. Pan of Reviewers
  11. Pitfall of Fine Print
  12. Plot of Playwrights 
  13. Pomposity of Professors
  14. Pretension of Intellects
  15. Quiz of Teachers
  16. Scoop of Journalists
  17. Shush of Librarians
  18. Squint of Proof-readers
  19. Swarm of Literary Drones
  20. Tenet of Palindromes
  21. Wealth of Documents
  22. Worship of Writers
  23. Wrangle of Philosophers

by Amanda Patterson from Writers Write

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The Writer and Editor’s Food Pyramid

The Writer and Editor’s Food Pyramid

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